Gourmet Italian Christmas Gift Basket "Buon Natale"

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Gourmet Italian Christmas Gift Basket- Buon Natale Merry Christmas!

-Belle Basket's Italian Christmas Gift Basket includes: Panettone, Torrone nougat candy, Parmigiano Regginao, Auricchio Provolone, Sopressatta, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Perugina Baci chocolates, Pizzelle cookies, Gianduia e Nocciole chocolate, marinated Olives, marinated mushrooms, Italian crackers, imported Italian gourmet olive spread and Italian hard candies.

The idea for our Italian Christmas Gift Basket online store was conceived purely by demand; many years ago we began this venture because people kept asking us to make Christmas gifts in a basket. Actually the first few times we made baskets, we had no idea even how to put one together, what to put into it, and how many we should make. We made up a few modest baskets, included a few gourmet items, decorated them with a Christmas theme, and decided to keep with our Italian niche’, we then displayed them in the store. Low and behold the very next day we were sold out of the gift baskets. Suffice it to say that demand for our Christmas Gift Baskets is what fueled our conception and our unique and beautiful methods for choosing the perfect items and artful construction has fueled demand.

Each Italian Christmas Gift Basket is hand made with imported Italian and American-Italian Christmas and Holiday gourmet favorites. 

What fun it is to help pass along Christmas spirit and holiday cheer; our way of achieving this is by pouring our heart and soul into our products and services, and doing so with a happy, grateful, authentic, passion and love which we hope shows through. 

Thank you very much and from our family to yours have a wonderful, happy, healthy Merry Christmas! Buon Natale!

This is easily our most popular gourmet gift basket built especially for Christmas (an Italian Christmas of course), however most of these products are available all year round and we do provide these to quite a few people throughout the year. As always all baskets are completely customizable and we can put together a gourmet gift to your exact specifications making for a absolutely unique and special gift suitable for virtually any occasion.

We ship to all 50 states, and are the premiere online Italian grocery, imports and gift basket provider here in the states. Take advantage of our Hassle free, fast, reliable and 100% guaranteed products and services.

Proudly serving customers since 1999. Take advantage of our fast reliable service.

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