Cheese Lovers Gift Basket- Formaggio

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ON SALE Formaggio- Cheese lovers gourmet gift basket presented in a collectable wooden wine crate.

Includes three of the finest gourmet imported Italian cheeses available Auricchio Provolone, aged Asiago, and Pepato, gourmet Italian olive spread, crackers, fantastic olive oil potato potato chips, marinated artichokes, and hard Italian candies (assorted).

Makes a great gift for someone who loves traditional Italian cheese.

Our passion for cheese is a love love relationship. We love searching and discovering and of course tasting as many cheese variations as possible; from cows milk to sheep to goat and even buffalo. And do not even get me started on the various regions and sub regions; heck from village to village and town to town there slight intricacies and traditions that are extremely interesting and delicious. Sometimes the stories about the cheese or the variation or how the typical cheese making process evolved or transpired is just as compelling as the cheese itself.

We wrote one particular blog (Google blogger) about how Burata cheese was created. Its really a great story; basically in order to stretch a meal for his family a farmer in southern Italy inserted leftover cream into a leftover ball of fresh mozzarella (doubling it in size) to nourish his family. The rest is as they say History!

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