Passion Balsamic vinegar of Modena by L'Acetaia di Alfredo

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Passion Aceto Balsamico di Modena by L'Acetaia imported from the famed Modena, Italy.
Passion Balsamic vinegar of Modena by L'Acetaia di Alfredo
100 ml

A very thick, rich, refined, complex and slightly sweet Balsamic from the famed Modena, Italy.

Note: Only Vinegar from Modena can legally be called Balsamic.

This should be used as an accent to fine cheese, fresh fruit, salads, and even desserts.

We suggest drizzling the Balsamic over a pungent cheese such as Toma, or Lou Bergier Pichin a kind of Gouda, Brie Hybrid, it’s made in Italy by a French Transplant.

The common misconception about how Balsamic is made and just what the number means on the side of the bottle. First things first the number on the bottle does not represent the age of the bottle of Balsamic. For example a bottle with an 18 on the side does not in any way indicate that Balsamic is 18 years old.

The number actually refers to these producers numerical reference to that blend. Blend being the key word here; we will get back to that shortly. In actuality a higher number does imply a thicker older blend with more sweetness and perhaps some age to it. However this is not always the case as some are reduce or thickened by cooking or other means.

Balsamic is a blend or mixture of many different ages of perpetual batches of vinegar. Each artisan has his own unique method and bases for his traditional tastes. Each is unique. The thing is that it would be nearly impossible to determine age as each barrel is constantly added to and subtracted from. A very simple way to explain how a producer may operate is this. They have perhaps 20 huge vats or barrels which the have various stages, ages and thicknesses, then per their own unique style of method they decant to pour off some of the older mixture into the younger and perhaps vice versa as well. This way they are always searching for that balance and consistency unique to their own particular formula and taste.

Think of it like a baker who uses a natural starter, a Natural starter is in essence dough or flour and water that is left to age a few days so that the natural yeast or bacteria has time to develop. In essence your constantly taking away old then putting back new, regenerating the starter. Yet theoretically there could be portions of that starter that is weeks, months, or perhaps decades old.

Of course the art of producing Balsamic is a masterful process, with scientific, creative and interpretive aspects that cannot be quickly or easily explained. Furthermore the variance of the methods and the differentiation of detail is almost limitless, thus creating a huge opportunity for the consumer to experience and taste a wide range of flavors and styles.

So the next time you taste a Balsamic vinegar you really love just think to yourself, this could be a combination of months old and centuries old; additionally contemplate what the creator was thinking when creating such a great product, was it a method handed down for generations, a new method, traditional, scientific, exact or similar. The possibilities are fascinating as well as limitless.

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