Polli Pesto alla Calabrese

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Polli brand Pesto alla Calabrese.
Imported from Italy.
190 gram 6.7oz
Unique Calabrese take on Pesto sauce, made with red peppers, tomatoes, Ricotta and Pecorino Romano cheese. A delicious pasta sauce alternative.

Our all time favorite just got an amazing makeover.

New and Improved Pesto made with red peppers, are you kidding me this stuff is delicious and out of the ordinary for certain.

Made with a Calabrian twist (red peppers) and with what should be symbol of the region, the red pepper. The people of Calabria are so dedicated, so in love with their cherished prize the Pepper I once met a woman who had a rather elaborate emulate designed and built for her necklace that held hot pepper flakes in it from her hometown in Calabria so that she would never, ever, be without her beloved peppers. Now that is dedication and passion.

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