Imported Italian cheese gifts & Italian Cheese gift baskets.


Italy is known to produce the finest, most delicious, most diverse and most unique cheese in the world. There is simply nothing better than fine imported Italian cheese. Gourmet Italian cheese is a great compliment to a meal, a meal in of itself or makes a great pre-meal starter or antipasti. We import gourmet Italian cheese from all areas of Italy, from Sicily to Piedmont, from Rome to Abruzzi and all points in between. It seems that imported Italian cheese represents the very essence of the Italian culture and life. Tasting gourmet Italian cheese transports you to that perfect place in Italy, with that special person or people, and transforms even the simplest of snacks into a gourmet experience.


We like to pair our imported Italian cheese with fine Italian wine, dried cured meats such as Sopressata or Parma Prosciutto, marinated Italian olives and artisan Italian bread, and perhaps fresh fruit or figs. Talk about the Roman experience; you can almost hear the bustle of the piazza, the wind through the palm trees, the occasional Vespa scooter whizzing bye, the smell of the lemons, and faint smell of the ocean.


A few of the most popular gourmet imported Italian cheeses that we currently carry include imported aged Asiago, pecorino Romano, Burata, mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, Caciocavallo, Tartufo, Piave, Bel Paese, Cacio di Roma, Fontina, Fontinella, Gorgonzola, Grana, Locatelli, Montegrappa, Parmiggiano-Reggiano, Pepato, Romano, just to name a few. Our fine gourmet Italian cheese selection is available in a gourmet gift basket, paired with Italian wine (wine and cheese gift baskets) or on their own.


With access to literally hundreds of cheese selections and broad gift basket customization, our Italian gift baskets and gourmet Italian cheese’s offer and excellent gift choice at a great price and value.

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