About us

About Us

Our Goal is threefold, serving you the customer, dedication to providing high quality, delicious imported Italian gourmet foods and gourmet delicacies, and becoming the go to source of Gourmet Gift Baskets online.

Product guarantee
We stand by our products, our gourmet items are guaranteed fresh, if you are not satisfied with our gourmet baskets, items or services we will make it right by offering a replacement or refund.

Reliable, attentive service
Fast, impeccable service is one of our highest priorities; to us every customer is a VIP, Platinum member. Let us know how we can be of service to you; let us take care of the details and make your online shopping experience fast and easy.
Our prompt service begins the minute we receive your order, most baskets are shipped the same day the order is received; each basket is assigned a reference number and a FedEx package tracking number is emailed directly to you so that you may track your package and make sure your gift is secure.

Company Profile
Belle Basket Gourmet Gift Baskets was founded in 2001 and incorporated in 2002; from day one our focus has been and will continue to be Gourmet Italian foods and Italian Christmas gift baskets. We are a small family owned company; quality control, customer satisfaction, and attention to small details are the heart of our operation. From the beginning we planned on creating a special, unique, online store and are dedicated to the highest standards and continued improvement. We welcome your comments, suggestions and praise.

About Italian gourmet food
To Italians food is a part of culture, a part of family; it is not just the act of filling ones belly but the experience of sharing and savoring, an important ritual or bonding that simply brings people together, oh yes and it better be delicious too... Yes food is necessary for survival and it is this survival instinct coupled with the need to preserve the experience that is sharing a meal, that has formed Italian food and cooking.


Italy has a storied past of rulers, conquerors, defeat, victory, disaster and happiness. It is the appreciation for the good times, because of the bad and lean times, that has brought brilliance. Many of the gourmet Italian foods we enjoy now were created out of need. A need to simply survive a cold winter, or wait out a war, or live until the next crop is sold. Yet the ability to preserve, stretch and limit has brought a precious treasure, flavor.


For example Italians began curing meat because a family may have had one cow, and that one cow represented their existence for one whole year. What they would do is feed the cow all year and in the fall they would slaughter the animal.


In order to utilize every single piece they would cure parts, this would allow them to have meat all year, and gave us soppressata, salsiccia, n’duja, pancetta, prosciutto, and spalla to name a few. These are some of the most delicious gourmet meats available and serve as meals in of themselves or key ingredients used by professional world class chefs.


As you see necessity brought delicious food that lasted quite some time. As the old saying goes necessity is the ruler of invention. And in the case of inventing delicious gourmet food, Italians are second to none.

Thank you and have a delicious day!